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  • 13 Days to Remarkable Leadership: A free leadership video series based on the best-selling book, Remarkable Leadership. You will receive a series of emails over the course of 13 days, each with a short video lesson that focuses on the leadership competency of the day and a companion learning tool to complement the video. LEARN MORE.
  • Unleashing Your Remarkable Potential: Our weekly e-newsletter, packed with powerful articles and resources that give you fresh ideas and proven techniques to help you become a more effective, more confident and more successful leader! Your free subscription includes a copy of our inspiring e-book, 101 Ways to Unleash Your Potential, filled with short tips, graphically depicted, to inspire you to action. LEARN MORE.
  • Leadership & Learning Blog and Remarkable TV: Every week, we release a new episode of our popular series, Remarkable TV, on our blog. These episodes address the top questions we receive from our Clients and Customers, as well as questions that we hear repeatedly in our workshops and training programs. If you’re interested in receiving the weekly email with a link to the new episode, you can REGISTER HERE.
  • The Remarkable Leadership Podcast: This podcast with From Bud to Boss co-author, Kevin Eikenberry, is dedicated to all things leadership. Twice a week, Kevin shares his thoughts about leadership development and ideas to help you lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those you lead. He also has weekly conversations with leadership experts discussing a wide range of topics including teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, personal and organizational development, human potential and more. You can SUBSCRIBE HERE.
  • Talk Like a Leader Podcast: Every Tuesday, From Bud to Boss co-author, Guy Harris, explores the mindset, skillset, and habitset of leadership communication. Using these tips, techniques, and tactics will help you talk like a leader to build better relationships and get more done. You can SUBSCRIBE HERE.
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